PAUL STAICU - Composer, Arranger, Pianist


Certain families will give you a hard time if you ever wish to become a musician.
In others you can't get away without 5 hours of piano a day -- guess where I come from ...


Representing the 3rd generation in a dynasty of renowned musicians, serious things begin early on at age 5 : piano, harmony, counterpoint, analysis, composition and arrangement, first classical as well as jazz. Pursuing over the years gets you to the highest level : at the Bucharest Music University – piano and composition and the CNSMDP in Paris – composition and jazz. Here, these efforts are rewarded by the 1st Composition Prize in 1994 and the Jazz Superior Diploma in 1996.


Miscellaneous activities include, among other things …

- first performances of various works at Maison de Radio France, Grand Palais, CNSMDP, Radio Bucharest, Festival d'Aix-en-Provence and various other outstanding venues...
- internationally touring the musical comedy show DUEL (featuring Laurent Cirade - cello)
- concerts with the EAST & WEST project (featuring Florin Niculescu - violin)
- concerts with the Montbéliard Symphony Orchestra under conductor Paul Staicu Sr.
- concerts with the Gironde Symphony Orchestra under conductor Scott Sandmeier
- touring the JMF Gershwin Rhapsody musical show (featuring Anna Staicu – soprano)
- touring with the Carpatika duo (featuring Anna-Maria Bell - violin) specialising in Romanian and eastern european music
- concerts and entertainment in France, Europe and 37 countries in the world - Austria, Australia, Algeria, Angola, Belgium, Benin, Chile, China, Germany, Estonia, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Lettonia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Mexico, Morocco, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Republic of Moldavia, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, the UK, the US, Venezuela …
- concerts and master classes with Michel Portal, Martial Solal, Wynton Marsalis, Joe Lovano, André Ceccarelli, Daniel Humair, Didier Lockwood, Dave Liebman, Steve Coleman, etc.
- participation in several editions of Banlieues Bleues festival, solo with George Russell & his Living Time Orchestra at Cité de la Musique, at Halle That Jazz festival with François Jeanneau & the CNSMDP Jazz Orchestra, at La Villette Jazz Festival with Carla Bley Big Band
- in 1996, for Label Bleu, recording of "It’s About Time", George Russell & the Living Time Orchestra album ; solo piano on "Living Time", the first version of which was originally recorded by G. Russell with Bill Evans in 1972
- "VALAH", the 2001 CD that came out under Cristal Records/Mélodie, features two bands : trio & septet
- CDs "Miage"and "Soul Role" with the Stéphane Guillaume Group
- CD "Journées de la Composition" (CNSMDP/SACEM) "Dans le Piège" - composition for symphony orchestra
- opening of the jazz curriculum at Ecole Normale A. CORTOT in Paris


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